The Great Dead Thinkers Interview Project

The Great Dead Thinkers give their opinions on today’s issues. For more information please contact us.

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Posthumous interview with Nietzsche: ‘Alt-right, I am not on your side!’

By Sascha Hilhorst

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‘The reality is that Nature doesn’t care what happens to humankind.’

By Ruben Endendijk and Michiel Zonneveld

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‘There are no more politicians with a calling’

By Michiel Zonneveld

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Machiavelli: “Xi Jinping is the new world prince”

By Pieter Hilhorst and Michiel Zonneveld (with thanks to Ties Dams)

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Simone de Beauvoir on #MeToo

By Sacha Hilhorst and Michiel Zonneveld (with thanks to Karen Vintges)

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